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Whether it's finding that ideal luxury beachfront dream home or investing in the betterment of your family's future, the founders and staff of Museum Park Realty have created a company built out of sheer devotion to, and love for Miami real estate. The complete, meticulous and undivided attention our trained professionals devote to every detail of your unique transaction sets us apart from the competition: we treat your South Beach condo purchase or any other transaction as if it were our own. Situated in Florida's finest, most dynamic and diverse resort and condo community, we want to ensure you experience the equivalent of paradise.
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Updated: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Which Digital Communication Page Are You On?

With so many aps, social media platforms, technologies, and digital tools in use, ensuring communication compatibility on many levels with target prospects and clients requires forethought.

Have you ever watched two professional scuba divers before they dive down to work at great depths? They invest time running through a series of hand signals and movesmdash;their only form of communication underwater. They guarantee that they are both on the same communication ldquo;pagerdquo; before they submerge. Not a bad metaphor for working with real estate clients in this fast-paced, high-pressure, digitally-crowded world where effective communication is even more difficult under pressure.

Real estate professionals are most successfulmdash;for themselves and their clientsmdash;when the professional goal is engagement on clientsrsquo; terms:

1: When marketing to prospective target buyers or sellers do you consider what they are thinking about or are intent on when your advertisement or social media message pops up on their screen?

2: Is your communication accepted because it blends with what they are receptive to at that moment or is your messaging seen as an intrusive sales pitch?

3: When you begin a working >

Consider how genuinely client-centric and useful your digital messaging is:

Online Advertising

1. Facebook Advertising:nbsp;Facebook ads will not automatically bring you targeted hot-leads or eager prospective clients.

bull; First, you must define which digital marketing goals you want to pursue and how yoursquo;ll measure progress. What do you want people to do when they see your Facebook ads? Be attracted to visiting your website or blog? File your name away for future use?
bull; Then, select from the variety of Facebook ad types for the right fit for your target markets and what you want to achieve. What are Facebook users intent on when your ad pops up? Are you catching them when they are already thinking about buying or selling real estate? Or, are you intruding on their efforts to do something completely different?

Ad Objectives: Awareness? Connection? Conversion?

bull; The learning curve that represents understanding Facebook advertising includes figuring out ad types, terminology, ad mechanics, and >bull; Whether you invest time learning which Facebook ad types will bring the best returns or you spend time interviewing online professionals to find the best fit, this effort will be reflected in results and cost.
bull; Jump in without understanding how to target the specific buyers or sellers who drive your practice or without learning how Facebook ads work, and you may spend too much, accomplish too little, or both.

Keep in mind that most Facebook users are not there to shop and buy, but to mingle and share, so ads may seem intrusive, even pushy.

2. Amazon Advertising:nbsp;ldquo;Find. Attract. Engage.rdquo; is the advertising pitch for Amazon, the third-largest digital ad platform in the US. Amazonrsquo;s extensive data is the big draw for advertisers. User buying-patterns reveal connections for many advertising objectives. According to Amazon, use ldquo;Amazonrsquo;s ad products to reach those people, both on Amazonrsquo;s properties and through a network of third-party sites.rdquo;

Advertising on Amazon can be complicated and is probably more suited to a campaign. Hiring knowledgeable digital marketing professionals should save time and money while increasing effectiveness.

Amazon data, collected from people who are there to buy, could be used to target people purchasing items like interior design books or do-it-yourself home repair products who potentially may be preparing to list their home. Instead of selling real estate services on Amazon, data enables targeting these consumers on Amazon and multiple sites.

Note: Free online promotion may provide creative outlets for less traditional approaches.

Social Media Platforms

You realize that you canrsquo;t be active on everything from Facebook and Linkedin to Pinterest and have time for all thatrsquo;s required of a real estate professional. Social media eats up a lot of time, so how do you measure return on investment?

bull; Select platforms important to your target market.
bull; Tailor your messages to match how targets use the platforms of their choice. On Facebook, aim to build >bull; Consider teaming up with other real estate professionals like mortgage brokers or interior designers to offer diverse, practical content that will attract buyers or sellers to you. Become an online destination to create genuine engagement.

Flexible Individual Contact

Newsletters, bulletins, videos, blog posts, emails, textshellip;therersquo;s an ever-increasing list of digital communication tools for marketing to past clients and prospective buyers or sellers. Again, your choice of how many tools to employ and which ones to use should arise from research into what your target markets prefer, not what is easier or cheaper for you.

During the intensive buying cycle, an important part of getting to know a prospective buyer or understanding how to serve a listed seller is achieving communication compatibility.

bull; Interview your client or prospect to establish communication compatibility. That is, decide between you which set of digital tools and social media platforms are going to be ideal for effective communication.
bull; When you need to reach them quickly and they need to reach you without fail, what approaches will be easiest for them? Would a combination of Twitter and texting or FaceTime suit that buyer? If voice-to-voice calls are preferred by a client, a special ring tone may be in order for your phone and theirs. Being connected is vital.

Respecting the targetrsquo;s intent and strengthening their sense of control is paramount when communicating for any purpose, in any medium. Communication compatibility, or using digital tools and methods that prospects and clients are comfortable with, reduces stress and earns the trust of prospects and clients.

This deliberate recognition of the essential value of selective digital usage with buyers and sellers, prospects and clients, reinforces client loyalty. What seems like a small thing, may increase the likelihood theyrsquo;ll feel connected enough to you to refer you to friends and call you in the future.

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Halloween 2019 Home Dcor Trends

A whopping 2.7nbsp;billion of that haul is expected to be spent on decorations. Clearly, itrsquo;s not enough to just plop a pumpkin on the porch and hang a fake skeleton from the tree on your front lawn anymore. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to decorate for Halloween in >

Moonlight Bash collection

Wersquo;re digging the Moonlight Bash collection from Target, which includes ldquo;everything you need to create a unique, spooky and fun ambiance that your guests will love. From an animated boombox to a wheel of fate to velvet skulls to a decorative DJ skeleton prop, this Halloween party decor collection will have all the ghouls, goblins and ghosts groovin and jamming while they enjoy your perfectly spooky and cool atmosphere.rdquo;

We especially love the Light-Up LED Eyeball Halloween Decorative Wreath and the Studded Halloween Pumpkin. Punk-rock porch, anyone?

Halloween light bulbs

Are you picturing one orange outdoor bulb and one black outdoor bulb? Cause we are This simple trick can make a dramatic impact.

Petrifying plantersnbsp;nbsp;

According to Etsy, petrifying plantersnbsp;are all the rage this year. ldquo;One of this seasonrsquo;s hottest trends is adding a spooky vibe to your plantparent game. Etsy shoppers are increasingly searching for Halloween twists on their everyday planters, with searches for ghost planters up 137, monster planters up 60, and skull planters up 10 in the last three months compared to the same time last year,rdquo; they said.nbsp;

Wintery white

If yoursquo;re going to go artificial with your pumpkins, you donrsquo;t have to do orange. These white versions introduce a little elegance.nbsp;

Go Dark

Whether yoursquo;re throwing a party, or just looking to bring the goth glam to your home, this dark and stormy Halloween deacute;cor will do the trick. ldquo;Donrsquo;t be afraid of the dark and decorate with black table cloths, matte black plates and even black candles, then balance out with gray or silver napkins and flatware,rdquo; said Deacute;cor Aid. ldquo;Another Halloween home decor trend thatrsquo;s gaining a lot of popularity is goth themed decor. Incorporate skulls as accent pieces, centerpieces or even use smaller skulls as place holders. An affordable decorating tip is to paint over plastic skulls, using darker matte shades to do so. This will make these decorations less cliche and your guest will be surprised you went with such an unconventional look. Black and red roses not only add to the goth theme but add a hauntingly glamorous look to your decor.rdquo;nbsp;

Pastel punch

Herersquo;s an even more unexpected color twist: pastels for Halloween ldquo;Not into the dark and spooky decor that comes with Halloween? People are now using pink and pastel color schemes to sweeten up the look,rdquo; said TODAY. ldquo;According to anbsp;new report from Pinterest, searches for ldquo;pink Halloweenrdquo; are up 221 this year over last. And ldquo;pastel Halloweenrdquo; is close behind with an increase in searches of 164.rdquo;


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Three Ways to Successfully Negotiate Realtor Commission

Real estate agents are vital to the sale process. Depending on the circumstances, they can get an average 30 higher sale price than trying to sell your home yourself. Obviously, this makes their help worth it, but if you could pay less for the same service that would be ideal. After all, 6 on a 300,000 home is 18,000 mdash; no small chunk of change

The good news is that itrsquo;s possible to successfully negotiate realtor commission and save. Check out three ways here.

Know the Market

Like most things in real estate transactions, realtor commission is negotiable. In fact, by law agents canrsquo;t say that commission is a set X-amount in their market. However, about 6 is the average industry standard and what most people end up paying.

However, if you know the market well and understand that it is a sellerrsquo;s market, you may have some bargaining power.nbsp;

A sellerrsquo;s market means that there are proportionately more buyers than inventory, making it very easy to sell homes. In fact, in strong sellerrsquo;s markets, itrsquo;s possible to get an offer within days or even hours of putting the home on the market. You may even enjoy the sellerrsquo;s dream of having several buyers competing for the home.nbsp;

In that case, itrsquo;s easy to sell the home and the agent wonrsquo;t have to put as much effort into the sale. You can use this to your advantage when negotiating the commission. The agent knows it will be an easy sale and may have no problem accepting a reduced commission.

Just remember, yoursquo;re pitting yourself against a master negotiator. Be sure to read up on how to negotiate before you begin that conversation.

Discuss Your Needs

What if your market isnrsquo;t a strong sellerrsquo;s market at the moment? Will you be stuck paying full price?nbsp;

Well, how good are your negotiating skills?

This is a great tactic if you have a bit of real estate experience yourself. You may not require all of the agentrsquo;s skills. For example, you may be willing to handle buyer walkthroughs yourself or you can write the marketing materials. Perhaps you already have a buyer, which is a huge part of the agentrsquo;s job, and you just need help navigating the rest of the transaction.nbsp;

If you ask them for it, many agents will provide you with a list of services they offer. If you donrsquo;t need everything they offer, they may be willing to amend their service package and drop their price to accommodate.

Established Real Estate Referral Network

Hands down the easiest and most efficient way of saving on realtor commission is by using an established real estate referral network. These networks have already done all the hard work for you.nbsp;

A big part of an agentrsquo;s job is finding new clients. Unless they are investors, most people donrsquo;t make frequent real estate purchases. Agents are lucky to get a handful of repeat clients.

By streamlining and handling marketing services for thousands of agents, a referral network makes it possible for the agents to spend more time selling homes. Without all the extra marketing work on their plate, the agent can provide the same full real estate services to their clients for a reduced price.nbsp;

Find your agent through one of these companies and you could save thousands on your home sale. As a bonus, you also donrsquo;t have to worry about investigating the agent beforehand. The referral network has taken care of that for you too. They donrsquo;t work with agents who donrsquo;t perform well mdash; and that includes offering top-notch customer service.

Just be sure to pick a reputable network. Some companies offer this type of service at rock bottom prices because the agents provide subpar work.nbsp;nbsp;

Why Pay More Than You Have To?

Selling a home is expensive enough, why pay more in realtor fees than you have to? Check out one of these ways to successfully negotiate realtor commission before you put your home on the market. You have nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to gain.

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